StART Art Fair 2023 Presents International Landscape of Eclectic Artists at Saatchi Gallery
The 10th Anniversary edition features a showcase of galleries, individual artists and projects from around the world.

Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

The Image courtesy of StART Art Fair

Established in 2014 by passionate contemporary art collectors David and Serenella Ciclitira, StART Art Fair has become a significant force in launching the careers of emerging artists worldwide. In October 2023, the fair attracted over 15,000 individuals to explore its exhibition, featuring 150 artists from diverse corners of the globe. With a commitment to both established and developing global markets, the event received worldwide press, and continues to be a significant launchpad for international artists. Running concurrently with Frieze London from October 11–15th, StART Art Fair remains committed to its principle of globally showcasing both emerging and established artists and galleries.

StART Art Fair 2023 offered a unique perspective through the featured artists’ singular styles and motifs. The following highlighted artists debuted brilliant visuals and storylines that challenged conventional tropes.

Natalia Kapchuk

Natalia Kapchuk Booth, StART Art Fair 2023

The Image courtesy of FprBuro Communications Agency

Natalia Kapchuk is a contemporary artist whose series of eco-focused art pieces ‘The Lost Planet’ has captured worldwide attention, relaying impactful messages to observers. The artist employs a mix of media to shed light on critical ecological issues and the global impact of human pollution, emphasizing all life forms, biodiversity, ecosystems, and the vast expanses of our oceans. Her exceptional works have graced numerous international group exhibitions and are houses across private collections around the world, including the United Kingdom, UAE, India, and France.

Natalia Kapchuk's mixed-media artworks intricately capture the ongoing conflict between humanity and nature, portraying scenes of wonder alongside the harsh realities of today. Featured this year at solo booth #4.2 on the ground floor, curated by FprBuro Communications Agency, Kapchuk's presentation came from "The Lost Planet" series, including "Midas Touch" (2022), "Gilded Planet" (2022), "Saharan Sands" (2022), "Simulated Earth" (2022), and the latest addition "Poseidon's Shield" (2023) - each held the spotlight with their vibrant hues and seamless fusion of natural elements
“Midas Touch” (2022) by Natalia Kapchuk. The Image courtesy of Natalia Kapchuk
“Gilded Planet” (2022) by Natalia Kapchuk. The Image courtesy of Natalia Kapchuk
A graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and The Chelsea College of Arts in London, Natalia Kapchuk currently serves as an ambassador for The Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion, and Sports (UK) and the Better World Fund (BWF) and actively supports humanitarian and environmental causes as a philanthropist.

Baron Grafton Arthouse

“More Than That” (2021) by Keith Grafton. The Image courtesy of Keith Grafton

Baron Grafton Arthouse serves as a platform for the sale of their original abstract expressionist paintings and limited-edition archival photographs. Curated by the artistic duo Maite Baron and Keith Grafton, their mission is to deliver soulful and distinctive art directly to collectors, art and design professionals, and galleries worldwide. Bridging the gap between traditional and digital art, Baron Grafton Arthouse champions emotion, color, and texture, participating in art fairs in and exhibitions.

Maite Baron draws inspiration from nature, fashion, interiors, and daily experiences, exploring themes of love, spirituality, gender roles, climate change, and the fragility of time. Shown in booth #9.1 and featuring the pieces “We Just Know It’s Forever” (2023), “Existing in a Different Dimensional Paradigm” (2023) and “Imagine Together Travelling Through Time” (2023), Baron joyously honors the profound influence of love through deeply personal artworks, encapsulating the impact of its enduring power.
“Imagine Together Travelling Through Time” (2023) by Maite Baron. The Image courtesy of Maite Baron
“Music To My Ears” (2023) by Keith Grafton. The Image courtesy of Keith Grafton
Keith Grafton, identifying as an abstract-conceptual-surrealist artist working digitally, incorporates manipulated photography, photomontage, and digital painting to investigate the impact of fashion, commercialization, and technology on our lives. Showcasing a curated collection from the "Close and Personal" series, he taps into the realm of fashion to illustrate our longing to convey individuality and uniqueness in an increasingly uniform world. "Music To My Ears" is one piece exploring prevalent and modern themes that shape our emotions and sentiments. Grafton’s artistic aesthetic gracefully navigates the realms of classical, contemporary, and future elements, creating a visual dance that captivates the viewer.

Olga Lomaka

Olga Lomaka Booth, StART Art Fair 2023

The Image courtesy of FprBuro Communications Agency

Olga Lomaka enjoys a global exhibition presence, regularly participating in art fairs and biennales worldwide. Her acclaimed 'Pink Magic' series, featured at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition curated by Sir Grayson Perry, has earned accolades from prestigious publications like The Sunday Times and The Guardian. With print editions released by Jealous London, Lomaka annually showcases her work at prominent venues globally, including Basel Miami, Venice Biennale, and The Royal Academy.

“Pink Delight” (2020) by Olga Lomaka

The Image courtesy of Olga Lomaka

“Pink Diamond” (2020) by Olga Lomaka

The Image courtesy of Olga Lomaka

Recognized with The Best Contemporary Artist of the Year award in 2017 by Phillips Auction House in London, Olga Lomaka has secured victories in numerous art competitions and gained international recognition. Featured in booth #4.2 this year and represented by the FprBuro Communications Agency, attendees were able to view select sculptures from her “Through Time and Space” series in resin and chrome spray paint, as well as prints from “The Cosmic Voyage” series and from “Pinc Magic” series. Lomaka’s exceptional artworks reside in esteemed institutions like the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA Museum) in South Korea, the Pierre Cardin Foundation in Lacoste, the Fine Art Foundation in London, and the Loyola University Foundation in Chicago, as well as within distinguished private collections.
“To the Stars (Black)” (2020) by Olga Lomaka. The Image courtesy of Olga Lomaka
“Teasing not Pleasing (Dark Blue)” (2018) by Olga Lomaka. The Image courtesy of Olga Lomaka

Lekker Gallery

“Defiance” (2020) by Chris Fallows. The Image courtesy of Chris Fallows

Born and raised in South African, Chris Fallows is a photographer that captures authenticity, intimacy, and emotion throughout his work. He has spent decades of his life curating some of the most remote regions around the world, producing captivating images as he navigates creatures from the ocean, air, and on land.
Fallows is prolific in his output over the years, featured in award-winning documentaries from the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and more. The Fallows’ Limited Edition, released in the summer of 2020, showcases some of the world's most iconic fine art wildlife photographs.
“The Last One Standing” (2023) by Chris Fallows. The Image courtesy of Chris Fallows
“Warrior” (2017) by Chris Fallows. The Image courtesy of Chris Fallows
In line with the current international dialogue reflecting the global shifts towards eco-consciousness and sustainability, the Lekker gallery presents Fallows’ work in an unprecedented format from booth #15, featuring printed works such as “Warrior”, his piece “Defiance”, and, for the first time, his digital piece “Last One Standing” in collaboration with Samsung Displays and digital art platform Black Dove.

Shafina Jaffer

“He Gave Us Eden, and then Creation” (2023) by Shafina Jaffer

The Image courtesy of Shafina Jaffer

Shafina Jaffer, an accomplished African artist, TEDx speaker, creative practitioner, researcher, and art engagement consultant, specializes in abstract art and observation. Her artistic vision revolves around the pivotal moment shared between the artist and the observer. Shafina firmly advocates for art to be a participatory encounter, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of their own perception and kindle their unique imagination.

Drawing inspiration from nature and spirituality, Jaffer employs an automatist approach to manifest her dreams and visions on canvas, with one of her recent pieces featured from booth 8.4, “He Gave Us Eden and then Creation”, an example of her intricate use of symbolism and color. At the heart of her artistic pursuits is a commitment to utilizing natural materials, showcasing the beauty of nature, and advocating for positive changes in human behavior, notably addressing the pressing issue of climate change. A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Jaffer has garnered international acclaim, with her painting "Take Me Away" earning a coveted spot in the 2023 Coronation Concert exhibition.
“Creation of Eden” (2023) by Shafina Jaffer. The Image courtesy of Shafina Jaffer
“Manifesting Eden” (2023) by Shafina Jaffer. The Image courtesy of Shafina Jaffer
StART Art Fair 2023 continued the celebration of contemporary art, successfully providing a platform for divergent perspectives and artistic voices. Representing diverse backgrounds and disciplines, each artist pushed the envelope through their works, creating a dialogue between the conventional and avant-garde. The next installment is highly anticipated and is expected to reflect the constantly evolving landscape of contemporary art.